Traffic Exchange Service Information

The Challenge.

Imagine if you had the most amazing store that sold the most amazing products at the most amazing prices and you were in the middle of the desert nowhere near a road of any sort. How many sales do you think you could make? Exactly NONE!

This is your website with no traffic. Even a huge multi-million dollar department store would close if they opened one in the middle of nowhere. These stores are positioned in high-traffic, high visibility, densely populated metropolitan areas. How can you do the same?

The Solution?

The Adlandpro Traffic Exchange Program. Drive traffic to your business by putting it in front of nearly 130,000 Active Users!


"Although I admit I do not fully understand how the Traffic Exchange works, I DO have to say that I am getting awesome hits to my website because of it!  I spent $15 for 20,000 views and I already made that money back and more.  I can't believe it...I am showing that 85% of my hits come from Adlandpro.  I am so glad that I found this company, and I tell everyone who orders from me to advertise HERE!  Also, thank you for the quick and courteous email replies! Another huge PLUS.  Thanks again"

Corri Stewart

Program Advantages

Free Account  No fees to join.  Start right away.
No Software Required  All you need is a web browser such as Internet Explorer
Simple To Use  Even a novice can handle it.
Instant Exposure  No waiting for approval.
Real Traffic  A real mouse, a real person, a real click
User Network of 130,000+  Devastating potential reach
Referral Credits   Increase earned credits.
Save Money On Bandwidth  Text ads displayed only until someone clicks on your ad. 
No Auto-Surfing  Your credits won't be wasted while nobody looks at your site.
  • Totally Free to Join! - Massive amounts of real, live traffic absolutely FREE!
  • Aggressive Anti-Cheat Mechanism.  Auto-Surfers, Spiders, and Robots can simulate clicks on your ads and rapidly deplete your credits.  Our security technology allows us to detect and eliminate such cheats to ensure each hit is a genuine human click and not an automated one.
  • No Software Required.  The Traffic Exchange program is run completely from our end and is all controlled by you using your internet browser over the web.  No software to purchase or install.
  • INSTANT Exposure - The moment your ad is submitted, our Traffic Exchange System begins deploying it to our user network of over 130,000 sites.  This means your ad could potentially reach a whopping 130,000 desktops all over the world!
  • Simple to Use - You need only select the type of display you want, copy the code into your website, write or select your ad, and you're done.  Our traffic exchange doesn't waste your time so you have more time to do things you enjoy.  Let US worry about  your traffic!
  • Save Money on Bandwidth - We don't display your actual web site until such time as a user clicks on your ad which saves you dollars on wasted site displays to users who may not be interested or may not have even seen your site.  This means more money in your pocket and not wasted on "tire-kickers" who will never buy anything from you. 
  • Visitors Are Voluntary and Targeted.  Because visits are by choice and not forced, you receive more targeted traffic.  We do not use or allow simulated click technology to deliver traffic to your website.  All of our users get to your site the same way; with their finger and a mouse.
  • 130,000 Active User Network.  Your ads are instantly exposed to this enormous network in several countries and all over the U.S. and Canada.  Just imagine how far your ad could  travel.

If you have a website, you MUST get involved with this program.  You'll be amazed at the amount of exposure your website will receive and you'll feel secure knowing that the visitors you see coming to your site day after day are REAL people who are truly interested in what you are offering.  Don't fall for those other programs which deliver what appear to be unbelievable numbers of visitors to your site by using automated software!  Get REAL LIVE TRAFFIC NOW!

"...What Other Traffic Wholesale Companies DON'T Want You To Know..."

Ever wonder how some of these other companies deliver on promises to "Flood your website with waves and waves of targeted traffic"?  Simple, and I'll bet you didn't even know you were part of that plan either. 

Have you ever been surfing the internet and had a small window pop up in the corner of your screen and then disappear or wind up underneath all your OTHER windows?  Imagine thousands of others like yourself seeing the same thing.  Now imagine you buying this service from many other sites who promise tonnes and tonnes of traffic and it's YOUR website that wasn't seen.  It's like throwing a matchbook with your ad in it onto a busy Downtown New York sidewalk and hoping someone will pick it up and read it.  Did you ever click on those windows?  No?  Do you think others will?  Of course not.  Yet it appears as though thousands of people are visiting your site. 

The Advantage

Adlandpro's proven traffic exchange system has been online for over 2 years running with a large majority of these users having been with us for over half of that time.  Our Traffic Exchange users visit your ads because they want to...not because they are forced to or don't know they even saw an ad.  Other companies will try and make you believe that your ad is being seen by millions of people each day.  We can't make that promise and we're glad because that means we can guarantee you QUALITY clicks from people who are actively looking for reputable services; services like yours each and every day!

Traffic Exchange Credits

"What is a Credit?" - A credit is equivalent to 1 display of  your ad on the Traffic Exchange Network and you get 500 Free Credits just for signing up!   That means your ad will be displayed 500 times for just becoming an user.  Go ahead and try us out!  There are 2 ways to get involved with the Traffic Exchange Program on

Earn Traffic Exchange Credits

  • Get credits for 6 levels of referrals - Let your referrals earn your credits for you.
  • Get credits for surfing the Traffic Exchange Network yourself
  • Get credits for others surfing the Traffic Exchange which you have referred.
  • Choices.  Choose to make the Traffic Exchange your start page, display a pop-up window, or add code to display the ads only once per visitor in a 24 hour period.

    An example of an Traffic Exchange Ad Section.

Purchase Traffic Exchange Credits

  • By purchasing Traffic Exchange Credits, you receive a large number of credits at a single time. 
  • You choose how many credits you wish to purchase (20, 40, or 80,0000 Credits) available at very low cost. 
Price Included Credits
$15.00 USD 20,000 Credits
$28.00 USD 40,000 Credits
$52.00 USD 80,000 Credits


"...Spending a lot of money for a Web Page that no-one sees is like putting a note in a bottle and tossing it into the Ocean. Sure you may get an occasional person who finds it, but you are not accomplishing your purpose..."

- Bob Osgoodby -

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